Month: January 2017

How To Change The Default Number Of Sheets In A New Workbook

When you open a new Excel workbook, you’ll most likely see 3 blank sheets in the workbook. This is the default for Excel, but you can change this to whatever your preference is. I like to set it to one sheet, that way I don’t have to worry about leaving blank sheets in a workbook.     Change the default number of sheets in a new workbook. Go to the File tab. Select Options from the menu. Select General from the Excel Options window. Change the number of sheets in the Include this many sheets field to your preference...

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The Ultimate Excel Trick

Here’s a great prank you can play on your colleagues next time one of them leaves their computer unlocked when they go for a coffee or lunch. Remember Wingdings? It’s the Microsoft font where every character is a picture. Well, it just so happens you can change Excel’s default font to Wingdings. The next time they open a new Excel workbook they’ll be feeling a little confused with all the pictures instead of regular characters. Just make sure you don’t leave it too long before you let them in on the joke. Try it out and let me know in...

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8 Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Workbook Navigation

  Here are 8 great keyboard shortcuts to speed up your navigation through Excel workbooks. Ctrl + Tab Move between open Excel workbooks. Ctrl + Page Down Move to the next worksheet in the workbook. Ctrl + Page Up Move to the previous worksheet in the workbook. Ctrl + Arrow Key Move to the left, right, upper or lower most part current data region. Ctrl + Home Move to the upper left most cell in the worksheet. Ctrl + End Move to the lower right most used cell in the worksheet. Alt + Page Down To move one full...

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Command Ribbon

What Is The Command Ribbon?     The Ribbon is Excel’s command menu interface. It organizes commonly used actions together in an intuitive and visual way. These are the main parts of the Ribbon. Tabs organize related groups of commands together. Groups organize related commands together. Command Buttons allows you to perform actions or open menus with further related actions. Command Menu some command buttons will have a small down arrow located to the right or below the button. This indicates that a menu is available with sub-commands under the command button. Dialog Box certain groups in the ribbon...

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Quick Access Toolbar

What is the Quick Access Toolbar?   The Quick Access Toolbar is a set of icons that allows you to easily access the commands you use the most. By default the quick access toolbar only contains 4 commands but the commands it contains can be customized to suit the user. Save allows you to quickly save a file. Undo allows you to quickly undo the last command or action that was performed in the workbook. Redo allows you to quickly redo the last command or action that was undone in the workbook. Mouse/Touch Mode Toggle (only for touch screen devices) allows...

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