Month: June 2017

The Complete List Of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a comprehensive list of Excel keyboard shortcuts. All shortcuts have been tested on Excel 2016.   Copy And Paste Ctrl + C Copy the active cell or selected range to the clipboard. Ctrl + D Copy and paste the cell directly above into the active cell (fill down). Ctrl + R Copy and paste the cell directly to the left into the active cell (fill right). Ctrl + V Paste the last item from your clipboard. Ctrl + X Cut the active cell or selected range. Ctrl + Alt + V Paste special. Ctrl + Alt +...

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How To Build Your Pivot Tables

What questions do we want to answer about our data?   Let’s create pivot tables to answer these questions about our sales data. What were the total sales for each sales representative? What were the top 3 States for sales? What were the total sales for each region by quarter? How many of orders were there for each product? The great thing with pivot tables is it’s easy to answer questions like these about your data with just a few drag and drop actions.   Get The Starting Workbook   Creating a pivot table to answer our questions  ...

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