Month: July 2017

The Complete List Of VBA Keyboard Shortcuts

Visual Basic Editor This is the complete list of visual basic keyboard shortcuts. Some of these will be very familiar like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V will still copy and paste repectively. But some are quite different than their Excel counterpart, for example Ctrl + Y will not redo the undone command but instead will cut the entire line of code at the cursors current position. Tab Add one level of indentation to a highlighted block of code. Back Space Deletes one character to the left of the cursor. Enter Create a new line Insert Toggle insert...

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101+ Awesome Resources To Help You Learn Excel

My Top 10 Favourite Websites or Blogs Excel Campus Jon Acampora Jon started Excel Campus in 2009 and has since turned it into one of the best Excel sites out there. Jon’s posts are so detailed and thorough that even if you’ve been using Excel for 20 years, you’ll probably still learn something new about a topic you thought you knew completely. Visit Site Excel Jet David Bruns If you Google something about formulas in Excel chances are ExcelJet will show up in the results and this is with good reason. You’ll find a massive library of Excel formulas...

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The Complete List Of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Copy And Paste These shortcuts are mostly for copying and pasting objects in the worksheet such as cells, ranges, tables and pivot tables. We can use paste special on other objects like charts and shapes, but the options available in this menu are different. Ctrl + C Copy the active cell or selected range to the clipboard. Ctrl + D Copy and paste the cell directly above into the active cell (fill down). Ctrl + R Copy and paste the cell directly to the left into the active cell (fill right). Ctrl + V Paste the last item from...

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