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101 Pivot Table Tips And Tricks

Use a Table for Your Source Data When creating a pivot table it’s usually a good idea to turn your data into an Excel Table. When adding new rows or columns to your source data, you won’t need to update the range reference in your pivot tables if your data is in a Table. Without a table your range reference will look something like above. In this example, if we were to add data past Row 51 or Column I our pivot table would not include it in the results. To create and name your table. Select your data....

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How To Compare Two Tables Using Get & Transform

At work this week, I needed to compare two tables to see if the they had similar data. The problem was they were aggregated at different levels with different dimensions and some data in table A was not in table B and some data in table B was not in table A. I needed to find and quantify these differences as well as locate the missing data in each table. I was dealing with ad units, orders, key values, impressions and revenue from the world of online advertising and dealing with 50,000 or so rows of data, but for...

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