Awesome-Excel-Resources 101+ Awesome Resources To Help You Learn Excel

My Top 10 Favourite Websites or Blogs

Jon Acampora
Jon started Excel Campus in 2009 and has since turned it into one of the best Excel sites out there. Jon’s posts are so detailed and thorough that even if you’ve been using Excel for 20 years, you’ll probably still learn something new about a topic you thought you knew completely.

David Bruns
If you Google something about formulas in Excel chances are ExcelJet will show up in the results and this is with good reason. You’ll find a massive library of Excel formulas with detailed explanations to help you understand along with many other resources.

John Michaloudis
John adds content to his blog very frequently and usually posts awesome GIF’s to demonstrate the examples. The site is well designed and easy to navigate along with awesome content so it should definitely be in your bookmarks.

Puneet Gogia
Excel Champs is operated by Puneet Gogia and it has tons of great posts that will show you many different ways to do something in Excel. Among other items, there’s a 100+ formula resource and 100+ useful macro code samples to browse.

Jon Wittwer
Jon has amassed an amazing number of free Excel templates. This is the go to place if you need a calendar, invoice, budget, timesheet, project management template or any other type of template under the sun.

Sumit Bansal
Sumit started blogging about Excel in 2013 and quickly became one of the top Excel sites in the world. His blog is always informative, well researched and written. He also has a great YouTube channel if videos are more your thing.

Mynda Treacy
Mynda was a former accountant until she quit and started my Online Training Hub with her husband Phil. You’ll find a ton of great free articles on charts, dashboards, formulas, power pivot and query, VBA and pivot tables.

Purna Duggirala
Purna Duggirala runs the very popular site Chandoo (which is his nickname). The site has existed since 2004 but he only began blogging about Excel in 2007. There are a ton of in depth articles covering every topic in Excel. There is so much here that it can sometimes feel disorganised and hard to find what you’re looking for.

Tom Urtis
Tom site is for his consultancy but he also has a blog with some very detailed posts. There’s a very good chance you’ll learn something new when you read one of his articles. He’s also worth following on Twitter where he frequently shares smaller bite sized tips.

Debra Dalgleish
Contextures is a Canadian consulting firm run by Debra Dalgleish. The website has a frequently updated blog with many free tutorials and videos there’s also a big alphabetical list of tips.

Awesome YouTube Channels

Mike Girvin
Excel Is Fun is hands down the best YouTube channel on Excel. Mike has created over 2,800 amazing video and they’re organised into playlists so you can learn just about any topic you’re interested in.

Other Great Websites or Blogs

Niels Weterings
Excel Easy was founded by Niels Weterings while attending the University of Amsterdam. Excel Easy has some of the easiest to follow beginner Excel tutorials and over 300 examples covering basics, functions, data analysis and VBA.

Ryan Wells
Ryan’s site is focused solely on VBA and has some pretty solid tutorials and examples. If you’re looking to learn VBA or add to your VBA knowledge, Ryan’s site is a must.

Chip Pearson
Chances are if you’ve Googled something about VBA then Chip’s site has probably come up in the results. His site has a ton of VBA examples and snippets along with detailed explanations.

Jacob Hilderbrand
VBA Express is a consulting and training company operated by Jacob Hilderbrand. There’s an extensive blog and an active forum to help you learn Excel and it’s not just all VBA.

Chris Newman
Chris Newman is a on a mission to share his knowledge of Excel and other Microsoft Office products to help you become the leading Office expert. His hope is to provide the best resources on the web for new and advanced MS Office users.

Bill Jelen
If there was an Excel Mount Rushmore Bill Jelen would definitely be on it. This is a must visit site to browse over 150k pages of Excel content. The site includes an awesome forum and blog too!

Kevin Lehrbass
Kevin Lehrbass is your excel coach in his spreadsheet lab. His site contains a selection of great templates, tips, tutorials and video lessons to help you improve your Excel skills.

Brad Edgar
Brad’s goal is to teach you how to answer anything using Microsoft Excel and he does a pretty good job of that when it comes to dashboards, formulas and pivot tables. Unfortunately Brad hasn’t added any new content since 2016.

Allen Wyatt
This site is part of the network of sites. Their sites cover many different topics ranging from gardening to pets. This site covers Excel tips for the older Excel 2003 and older versions. Most of the articles are written by Allen Wyatt with contributions from a few other authors.

Allen Wyatt
This site is part of the network of sites. Their sites cover many different topics ranging from gardening to pets. This site covers Excel tips for newer ribbon versions of Excel from 2007 and later. Most of the articles are written by Allen Wyatt with contributions from a few other authors.

Alex Bejanishvili
A great resource for just about every type of template. You’ll find a large selection of templates for budgets, invoices, timesheets & payroll, inventory, calendars, planners & schedules, lists & checklists and many others.

This is the official Microsoft Office blog. Need I say more?

Able Bits is a software development company located in Eastern Europe. They make some premium Excel add-ins and they also run an amazing Excel blog on their site that’s definitely worth checking out.

Jon Peltier
Jon has been working as an Excel developer since 1995. His extensive website and blog emphasizes Excel charting and programming. Many of the tutorials and examples result in charting effects that seem impossible.

I didn’t know about this site until after I had already named my site 🙂 It looks to be a site with some good content covering tips and tricks, charts, tutorials and VBA. Most Mondays they post some VBA for Macro Monday’s and Friday’s are formula Friday’s!

Christopher Salmon
Christopher runs the site Excel Efficiency. There’s a lot of good posts on there and it’s hard not to like the site when it’s got great posts like “How to Be Lazy at Excel: 7 Great Tricks”!

Kawser Ahmed
Kawser Ahmed started blogging about Excel in December 2013. He also has a few courses on Udemy (likely where the site name comes from). He updates the site quite frequently and there is a lot of great information on it.

Ken Puls
Ken takes a lot of pride in filling his site with helpful content and it’s quite apparent. His posts are very detailed and thorough. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in his “knowledge base” articles he also runs a forum on the site.

Raghu Ram Alla
This Excel site was started by Raghu in 2013. He has a large Facebook following where he shares his blog posts on a variety of tasks related to formulas, charts, formats, reports and dashboards

Kasper Langmann
Spreadsheet O was started by two friends Kasper Langmann and Mikkel Sciegienny. After creating a free Excel tutorial course that caught on like wildfire they soon realised there was big demand for high quality tutorials.

Lee Baker
Lee Baker has a serious itch… for Excel and to help you learn and feel more comfortable using Excel. Here you’ll find great information about functions, formulas, pivot tables and formatting.

Michael Rempel
Michael Rempel is a certified Microsoft Excel Specialist who love numbers! Statistics, analysis, trending, and forecasting get his blood pumping! He’s been sharing his tips and tricks in Excel since 2013.

Henrik Schiffner
Henrik Schiffner is the person behind the Excel Professor. You’ll find some cool free add-ins here like the professor Excel tools, there’s also Excel facts and an active blog.

The site is very stylish and has great content including, add-ins, charts, formulas, VBA, and a blog.

Rob Collie
Rob is a former Microsoft employee that was part of the Power Pivot add-in team. He left to start the Power Pivot Pro consulting company which focuses on power pivot and power BI business solution. They also run a blog on their site and it has hundreds of high quality Excel related posts to learn from.

Andy Pope
Andy Pope is a consultant mainly specialising in bespoke solutions for reporting projects using Office and VBA. He is also a long time Excel MVP and you’ll find some cool resources on his site including charting examples, add-ins for Excel and Power Point, games, and other tips and tricks.

Jeff Lenning
Jeff Lenning is a former accountant and his site focuses on Excel from an accounting perspective. There are paid courses here but there is also a free blog.

Marcus Small
Started by Marcus Small, the site covers a large range of topics like charts, dashboards, financial modelling and VBA. Marcus teaches courses in Excel Financial Modelling, Dashboard Design and Excel VBA for people in finance as a full time gig.

Jorge Gomez
This site by Jorge is a must if you want some really detailed and well written tutorials. Each post is like a complete reference guide on the subject.

Jorge Camões
Jorge has been blogging about data visualisation in Excel since 2007 at his site Excel Charts. It’s not your regular Excel tips site he mostly discusses data visualization issues. He also offers more structured charting courses in his members area.

Rick Grantham
Excel TV was founded by Rick Grantham and Jordan Goldmeier (from the site Option Explicit VBA). They interview Excel leaders in the community and share tips focused on Excel and BI.

Brian Krisanski
At Brian’s site ExcelSuperSite, you will find many great tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using Microsoft Excel. All presented in a clear and concise manner.

Jordan Goldmeier
Jordan started Option Explicit VBA in 2013 and as you can probably guess from the name it’s focus is on VBA. He also covers non VBA topics such as dashboards and data visualisation.

Bastien Mensink
Bastien started using spreadsheets in 1994 at University and has been addicted since. He’s the creator of the popular ASAP Utilities add-in and also runs a popular blog on the site.

John Walkenbach
John Walkenbach’s nickname is Mr. Spreadsheet for good reason, he’s written just about an infinite number of Excel books. With a name like Mr. Spreadsheet you know his site’s tip section is going to have some good one’s.

Raina Hawley
OzGrid is a development specializing in Excel business applications, but you’ll also find a ton of free video tutorials, add-ins, templates and other detailed resources.

Charley Kyd
Charley Kyd is the founder of Excel User and has been using spreadsheets for over 35 years. He has an MBA from the University of Washington and has been a Microsoft Excel MVP since 2005, more importantly his post are top notch.

Ron de Bruin
Ron runs the rather mundane looking site Excel Automation, but don’t let that fool you, he’s an MVP for a reason. He has a lot of great content for both Windows and Mac versions of Excel.

Daniel Ferry
Daniel’s site Excel Hero is mostly targeted at the advanced user and is a great place to go if you want to get really in depth. Sadly he hasn’t updated his blog since 2013.

Marc Zao-Sanders
Excel with Business was created by founder Marc in 2009 to solve a problem of ineffective Microsoft Excel training. Their site focuses on the most relevant parts of Excel as applied in business. The site mostly has paid content but there is a good free blog.

Jan Karel Pieterse
Jan runs an application development company called JPK Application Development Services, but his site also has a lot of Excel articles worth a read.

Steve Rynearson
Steve is the owner of Automate Excel and is a freelance Excel & VBA developer. His site has great beginners tutorial for formulas, VBA and keyboard shortcuts that will take you from beginner to intermediate Excel user in no time.

Benjamin Currier
Excel Exposure has some good free online Excel training classes designed to help you learn more about the features and functionality of Excel. The site includes video lessons and written tutorials organised into a course lesson plan.

Robert Mundigl
Robert is from Germany and works as a freelance management consultant for telecommunication companies and cable operators. The main focus of his site is on dashboards, tools, techniques and templates for intelligent data analysis and project management.

Adrian Miric
AuditExcel was started in 2003 when Adrian left KPMG to set up a consultancy focused on the safe and efficient use of Excel spreadsheets in the corporate world. The site has a tips blog, tool downloads and video lessons.

Oscar Cronquist
Oscar has been running his Excel site since 2006 and has created a wealth of great articles. He frequently writes articles around readers questions, so send him an email and you might get your question featured on his site.

ExcelTip has been around since 2003 and is a sister site of the popular ExcelForum site. They aim to make you excel in Microsoft Excel by providing you with access to the best-in-class experts.

Nick Vivian
Nick created his Excel site in 2008 to share his many years of experience using Excel with the world. His site has many free templates and videos on VBA and Excel tips.

Ayush Jain
This blog was started 2010 by Ayush and it has over 100+ useful articles on excel functions, tips & tricks, VBA Macros and interview Q&A’s to help you prepare for an Excel related job interview.

Francis Hayes
Francis is a self proclaimed Excel addict. Thankfully for those wanting to learn Excel, he’s not currently in rehabilitation and still shares many great posts on the site he’s been running since 2002.

Dick Kusleika
Dick has been dealing his daily dose of Excel since 2004 where he writes along with other Excel gurus about various Excel topics.

Teach Excel has been around since 2008. They have a blog, forum, tutorials, VBA code snippets and video lessons to help teach you Excel.

The site contains some basic and advanced tutorials, an extensive set of chart tutorials, tips and & tricks, VBA samples and functions.

Frédéric Le Guen
Excel Exercise has been around since 2002 and is run by long time Excel user and BI analyst FrĂ©dĂ©ric. You’ll find a selection of posts on functions, shortcuts, formatting, charts and pivot table here.

Dinesh Takyar
This site is run by Dinesh since 2012 and like the name suggests, you’ll mostly find video lessons here. Along with the site he also runs 3 different YouTube channels about Excel!

Andrew Engwirda
Andrew is a full time Excel programmer and has been blogging about Excel since 2004. This site was only started in 2008 but you’ll find a link to his old site on his about page. You find his tips categorized into formulas, formatting, shortcuts and VBA on his site.

Ejaz Ahmed
Ejaz works as an actuary so you know he uses Excel a lot! He started his blog in 2013 as a place to store his own repository of (mostly VBA) Excel work with the hope he could others the trouble of doing mundane procedures repetitively. He posts various functions, procedures, tools and add-ins so fellow strugglers can benefit from his work.

Mike Thomas
Mike is an Excel developer and trainer with over 25 years experience delivering training courses. This site has been around since 2011 and contains a number of free video lessons to help you learn.

Doug H
Doug has been sharing his video lessons on Excel Trainer since 2013 and you’ll find 100+ posts here from his YouTube channel.

Melih Met
Melih is an Excel blogger from Turkey and an Industrial Engineer with an MBA in Business Administration. He started his site to document his learning in Excel and help others. You find post ranging from beginner to advanced on his site covering formulas, charts, advanced, templates and VBA.

Phil Kowalski
Phil has been sharing his Excel tips at Excel Blog since 2013 and you’ll find some great resources there, including the ultimate formula guide. You also find functions, charts and other tips & tricks at his site.

Ming Fung Wong
Ming’s created her site in 2015 and has been actively posting since. Her site is all about working smarter by mastering functions in Excel, but she shares posts on other topics too!

Andrew Brimble
Andrew’s site aims to teach you some of the most commonly used features, functions and formulas in Excel along with some great tips and tricks. They offer step by step guides, videos, hints, tips and more.

Daniel Strong
Excel VBA Is Fun is unrelated to Excel Is Fun but is also a great resource for VBA with over 300 YouTube videos and a website covering most topics you’d want to learn in VBA.

Tomasz Kacprowicz
A great resource for anyone interested in advanced VBA topics. The site includes tutorials, a cheat sheet for VBA functions, code snippets and a variety of VBA tools.


Reddit has a subreddit for just about everything you can imagine. There’s even a very active Excel subreddit where you can ask or answer Excel questions. It’s a great place to browse learn what you don’t know that you don’t know.

This is Reddit’s VBA subreddit. It’s quite a bit smaller than r/Excel but still active and a great place to browse VBA specific topics on Reddit.

An active forum where you can ask and answer Excel question and it has over 600k post.

A smaller Q and A forum and it’s a bit harder to navigate to find what you’re looking for.

Experts Exchange is a large forum that covers a number of non-Excel related topics but the Excel section is still very big and has an active user base.

PC Review is a large forum that mostly covers non-Excel topics but the Excel section has a lot of posts and an active user base.

With over 2.6 million posts and 200k members this forum is large with a decently active user base.

With over 3.7 million posts and 945 thousand members this forum is massive and you’ll likely find an answer to your question without having to ask on the forum.

This is Mr Excel’s forum so you’d expect it to be good and it is. Over 4.8 million posts and from its 388k very active members.

One of the smaller forums on the list, it’s still worth a look. This forum is from Ken Puls well respected site the Excel Guru.

A forum for all the office product including Excel. The community is very small and the Excel community smaller still.

The forum of Chandoo. It has a small but growing passionate members base running the forum.

A smaller forum cover all the Microsoft Office products. The name would suggests it’s only about VBA but all topics can be found here.

A very small forum covering general Excel, dashboards and charts, VBA, power query and power pivot.

Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge and they have a thriving Excel help category where you can ask and answer questions.

Facebook Groups

A Facebook group dedicated to unleashing the POWER of MS EXCEL & VBA MACROS. You can ask any queries, share tips and enhance your Excel and macro skills in the group.

A Facebook group for experts in Microsoft Excel and Access. Sharing ideas to help others with their problems.

A Facebook group for asking and answering Excel question run by an Indian educational and training company the Vikom Institute.

A Facebook group to help people be proficient with Excel

A Facebook group for sharing knowledge about Microsoft Excel.

A Facebook group for sharing advanced Excel tips and tricks.

A Facebook group to help make you amazing in Microsoft Excel.

Google+ Communities

A Google community for sharing Excel tips and tricks. For anyone interested in becoming better at and getting the most out of Excel.

A Google community to share all your talents in Excel for everyone to see.

LinkedIn Groups

A LinkedIn group for professionals who use Microsoft Excel.

A LinkedIn group for Excel and VBA users who have questions or who would like to share knowledge.

A LinkedIn group to promote excellence and skill sharing in Microsoft Excel and VBA development.

A LinkedIn group focusing on the use of Microsoft Excel for analysis, data visualization and decision making.

A LinkedIn group to learn and discuss using Microsoft Excel for financial modelling including best practice and model design.

A LinkedIn group for everyday users of Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint, Visio and Outlook.

A LinkedIn group that’s dedicated to unleashing the power of Microsoft Excel and VBA.