Excel Insights

A Microsoft MVP Guide to The Best Parts of Excel

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24 Excel MVP’s!

Learn favorite techniques from this group of twenty-four Excel MVPs.

The Excel MVPs are friends and competitors who each pulled out their favorite tricks to impress you and their fellow MVPs.

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The Details

Table of Contents

  1. Leila Gharani: Smart Uses of Custom Number Formatting
  2. Gašper Kamenšek: Ctrl + Enter
  3. Wyn Hopkins: Auto-Magically Master INDEX MATCH (and Other Formulas)
  4. Mynda Treacy: Relative Named Ranges – When Named Ranges Go Walkabout
  5. John MacDougall: An Introduction to Excel’s New Data Types
  6. Liam Bastick: A Look to the Future – Dynamic Arrays
  7. Tim Heng: XLOOKUP Debuts in Excel
  8. Jon Acampora: Why the Love / Hate for Pie Charts?
  9. Jon Peltier: Intermediate Charting in Excel
  10. Dave Paradi: Creating Charts for Presentations
  11. Roger Govier: Advanced Filter
  12. Frederic le Guen: Power Query: Manipulate Your Data Like a Pro
  13. Ken Puls: Combine All Files in a Folder
  14. Mike Girvin: Power Query M Code Approximate Match Lookup Formula
  15. Bill Jelen: The Power Behind the Boringest Sentence in Excel
  16. Henk Vlootman: Understanding Context in Power Pivot
  17. Oz du Soleil: Thinking Through the Modelling of a Seating Chart
  18. Tony de Jonker: Financial Modelling
  19. Hervé Thiriez: Creative Excel Model Development
  20. Ian Huitson: An Introduction to Simulation in Excel
  21. Jan Karel Pieterse: Staying out of Trouble
  22. Charles Williams: Make Your Own VBA Worksheet Functions
  23. Mathieu Guindon: An Overview of Modern VBA Best Practices
  24. Ingeborg Hawighorst: served as editor for the book

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Hear the Figures: Each figure includes Alt Text for people using screen readers.

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