101+ Awesome Resources To Help You Learn Excel


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My Top 10 Favourite Websites or Blogs

Jon Acampora
Jon started Excel Campus in 2009 and has since turned it into one of the best Excel sites out there. Jon’s posts are so detailed and thorough that even if you’ve been using Excel for 20 years, you’ll probably still learn something new about a topic you thought you knew completely.

David Bruns
If you Google something about formulas in Excel chances are ExcelJet will show up in the results and this is with good reason. You’ll find a massive library of Excel formulas with detailed explanations to help you understand along with many other resources.

John Michaloudis
John adds content to his blog very frequently and usually posts awesome GIF’s to demonstrate the examples. The site is well designed and easy to navigate along with awesome content so it should definitely be in your bookmarks.

Puneet Gogia
Excel Champs is operated by Puneet Gogia and it has tons of great posts that will show you many different ways to do something in Excel. Among other items, there’s a 100+ formula resource and 100+ useful macro code samples to browse.

Jon Wittwer
Jon has amassed an amazing number of free Excel templates. This is the go to place if you need a calendar, invoice, budget, timesheet, project management template or any other type of template under the sun.

Sumit Bansal
Sumit started blogging about Excel in 2013 and quickly became one of the top Excel sites in the world. His blog is always informative, well researched and written. He also has a great YouTube channel if videos are more your thing.

Mynda Treacy
Mynda was a former accountant until she quit and started my Online Training Hub with her husband Phil. You’ll find a ton of great free articles on charts, dashboards, formulas, power pivot and query, VBA and pivot tables.

Purna Duggirala
Purna Duggirala runs the very popular site Chandoo (which is his nickname). The site has existed since 2004 but he only began blogging about Excel in 2007. There are a ton of in depth articles covering every topic in Excel. There is so much here that it can sometimes feel disorganised and hard to find what you’re looking for.

Tom Urtis
Tom site is for his consultancy but he also has a blog with some very detailed posts. There’s a very good chance you’ll learn something new when you read one of his articles. He’s also worth following on Twitter where he frequently shares smaller bite sized tips.

Debra Dalgleish
Contextures is a Canadian consulting firm run by Debra Dalgleish. The website has a frequently updated blog with many free tutorials and videos there’s also a big alphabetical list of tips.

Awesome YouTube Channels

Mike Girvin
Excel Is Fun is hands down the best YouTube channel on Excel. Mike has created over 2,800 amazing video and they’re organised into playlists so you can learn just about any topic you’re interested in.

Other Great Websites or Blogs

Niels Weterings
Excel Easy was founded by Niels Weterings while attending the University of Amsterdam. Excel Easy has some of the easiest to follow beginner Excel tutorials and over 300 examples covering basics, functions, data analysis and VBA.

Ryan Wells
Ryan’s site is focused solely on VBA and has some pretty solid tutorials and examples. If you’re looking to learn VBA or add to your VBA knowledge, Ryan’s site is a must.

Chip Pearson
Chances are if you’ve Googled something about VBA then Chip’s site has probably come up in the results. His site has a ton of VBA examples and snippets along with detailed explanations.

Jacob Hilderbrand
VBA Express is a consulting and training company operated by Jacob Hilderbrand. There’s an extensive blog and an active forum to help you learn Excel and it’s not just all VBA.

Chris Newman
Chris Newman is a on a mission to share his knowledge of Excel and other Microsoft Office products to help you become the leading Office expert. His hope is to provide the best resources on the web for new and advanced MS Office users.