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This template allows you to pull data from Moz Open Site Explorer (OSE) into Excel using Power Query (Get & Transform in Excel 2016).

Moz OSE is an online tool that allows you to see what sites link to a given site (known as a backlink). Links to a site is one of the top ranking factors for search engines like Google. More backlinks from higher quality sites means higher search ranking!

This is a great tool for anyone with a website trying to increase their search rankings as it will allow you to find out what links your competitors have. If a site has linked to your competitor, then they may be interested in linking to your site also. You can read more about it here and thanks to Neil Patel for the inspiration!

For this template to work, you will either need to have the Power Query add-in installed or have Excel 2016.

  • Input the URL of the site which you want to pull Moz Open Site Explorer data from.
  • Input the page number of the results you want.
  • Press the Get Moz Data.
  • Data is loaded into the Output tab.
  • Clear data from the Output tab by pressing the Delete Table button on the Input tab.

About the Author

John MacDougall

John MacDougall

John is a Microsoft MVP and freelance consultant and trainer specializing in Excel, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps and SharePoint. You can find other interesting articles from John on his blog or YouTube channel.



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