8-Keyboard-Shortcuts-For-Quick-Navigation-Around-Your-Excel-Workbooks-Revised-1024x701 8 Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Workbook Navigation


Here are 8 great keyboard shortcuts to speed up your navigation through Excel workbooks.

  1. Ctrl + Tab Move between open Excel workbooks.
  2. Ctrl + Page Down Move to the next worksheet in the workbook.
  3. Ctrl + Page Up Move to the previous worksheet in the workbook.
  4. Ctrl + Arrow Key Move to the left, right, upper or lower most part current data region.
  5. Ctrl + Home Move to the upper left most cell in the worksheet.
  6. Ctrl + End Move to the lower right most used cell in the worksheet.
  7. Alt + Page Down To move one full screen to the right in the worksheet.
  8. Alt + Page Up To move one full screen to the left in the worksheet.