These are the keyboard shortcuts I have found essential. There are a lot of others, but I think these are the most useful. If you use Excel a lot in your job or personal life, these are really worth knowing and using.


Shortcut Description
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + B Bold format a cell or range
Ctrl + C Copy a cell or range
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + G GoTo
Ctrl + H Find and replace
Ctrl + I Italic format a cell or range
Ctrl + K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl + N Open a new workbook
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + S Save the current workbook
Ctrl + U Underline format a cell or range
Ctrl + V Paste the last copied or cut cell or range
Ctrl + W Close the current workbook
Ctrl + X Cut a cell or range
Ctrl + Y Redo the last undone action
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
F2 Edit a cell
F4 (while editing formula) Switch between absolute and relative reference
F7 Spell check
F9 Recalculate all workbooks
F12 Save As
Alt + F11 Open the visual basic editor
Alt + Shift + F1 Insert new worksheet
Ctrl + ` Toggle between value and formula display
Ctrl + 1 Format cell
Ctrl + Shift + ! Number format
Ctrl + Shift + @ Time format
Ctrl + Shift + # Date format
Ctrl + Shift + $ Currency format
Ctrl + Shift + % Percent format
Ctrl +  + Insert a row or column
Ctrl + – Delete a row or column
Ctrl + Arrow keys Move to the last non-empty cell
Ctrl + PgUp Move to the previous worksheet
Ctrl + PgDn Move to the next worksheet
Ctrl + Spacebar Select the entire column
Shift + Spacebar Select the entire row
Alt, E, S or Alt, H, V, S Paste special
Ctrl + Home Move to the beginning of a worksheet
Ctrl + End Move to the end of a worksheet