Month: February 2017

How To Check If A Worksheet Exists Using VBA

Get The Completed Workbook There may come a time when you need to know if a sheet in a workbook exists either during VBA code execution or as a result within the workbook. You may be creating and deleting sheets with your VBA code and will need to test if a sheet exists before it’s created/deleted to avoid run-time errors. You may also have functions in your workbook that depend on sheets you’re creating or deleting and you need to check if they exist. A User Defined Function To Check If A Sheet Exists Within The Current Workbook  ...

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How To Turn A Table Into A Column Using Formulas

Get The Completed Workbook In this post we’ll explore how you can transform a table of values into a single column using the INDEX function. There are many ways you could transform a table into a single column but in this post we’ll explore the two ways that make the most sense. Going down the rows first then across the columns in your table. Going across the columns first then down the rows in your table.     Here we have a table with 3 columns and 4 rows. If we wanted to transform this into a single column of...

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Saving Your Workbook

Saving your workbook is important if you want to use or view the file again at a later time. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of regularly saving your workbook while you’re working on it and not just at the end before you close the file.   Saving A New Workbook The First Time   If you’ve created a new workbook and haven’t saved it yet, then you will notice at the top of the workbook Excel has named the file for you with its generic naming Book1, Book2 etc… When saving a workbook for...

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To Do List Template

Get The Template Everyone’s got stuff to do and Excel is a great tool to keep track of it all. This is a “To Do List” template to help keep track of all the items you need to get done. This template allows you to assign tasks to various different people, set a priority level and then set the current status of the task to either Not Started, In Progress or Complete.   This one is done in the style of a yellow note pad and is complete with ink stains, coffee stains and other fun...

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Status Bar

What Is The Status Bar?   The Status Bar is the area at the very bottom in Excel where various information about the current mode or any special keys that are engaged can be seen. You can also select different worksheet views and zoom in and out on the worksheet from the status bar.     The Status Bar. Here you can see information about the current mode and special keys that are engaged. Some of the more common modes might include: Ready mode which is Excel’s default general status. Enter mode when you are currently entering content into a...

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