Excel Terminology


A cell is the basic building block of a worksheet. Each worksheet contains a grid of cells in a 1,048,576 row by 16,384 column arrangement. Each cell can store data such as numbers or text or it can contain the results of a formula.


A range is simply any collection of cells.


A workbook is simply another name for your Excel file.


A worksheet is where Excel stores all your text, numbers and formulas. Each workbook contains at least one worksheets but can contain as many as you need subject to your computers memory restraints.


The ribbon is Excels graphical menu interface for commands you can perform. Commands are organised into different tabs and groups within tabs. These groupings


A function takes input values and returns a calculated value to a cell. Excel has many functions available to do many types of calculations such as time and date functions, logical functions, text functions, lookup and reference functions and statistical and math functions.


A formula is an expression built with Excel’s functions.


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