Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut Mug

Are you looking for an easy way to remember all those useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel?

Our Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Mug is the perfect solution! It has over 60 of the most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts printed on it.

Excel has hundreds of shortcuts available but the ones that made it onto the mug have been hand-picked by me, John MacDougall, a Microsoft Excel MVP. These are the shortcuts I use all the time and find indispensable!

The mug has a sleek white ceramic design. This mug isn’t just a practical way to boost your Excel productivity, but it also looks good and feels great in your hands with its C-handle and rounded design.

You won’t just look like an expert spreadsheet user; you will be one! You’ll save valuable time while working on spreadsheets because you’ll know exactly what shortcut keys to press.

Ditch that mouse and start using those keyboard shortcuts like a boss with the help of our awesome mug today! Get this must-have item now with the link above before it’s gone!

Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone knows the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste values in Excel. These will copy and paste all the contents of the cell including any formats.

These shortcuts are the more advanced shortcuts that will allow you to customize exactly what is copied and pasted.

Ctrl + DCopy and paste from above
Ctrl + RCopy and paste from right
Ctrl + Alt + VPaste special
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste as values

Format Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to Excel, formatting can be a tedious task that absorbs valuable time.

There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts available that can make formatting a breeze. Knowing and utilizing these shortcuts can save you lots of time, especially when you know the most useful shortcuts.

Ctrl + 1Open format cells menu
Ctrl + BBold format
Ctrl + IItalic format
Ctrl + UUnderline format
Ctrl + 5Strikethrough format
Ctrl + Shift + !Comma format
Ctrl + Shift + @Date format with AM/PM
Ctrl + Shift + #Date format
Ctrl + Shift + $Currency format
Ctrl + Shift + ^Exponent format
Ctrl + Shift + %Percent format
Ctrl + Shift + &Outside borders
Ctrl + Shift + _Remove borders
Ctrl + Shift + ~General format

Formula Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts range from simple commands to copy and paste formulas to more complex formulas auditing features.

F2Edit active cell
F4Absolute and relative references
Alt + EnterEnter line break in cell
Ctrl + 'Copy formula from above
Ctrl + Shift + UExpand or collapse the formula bar
Ctrl + [Selects precedents
Ctrl + ]Selects dependents
Alt + =Insert AutoSum
Shift + F3Function arguments
Ctrl + Shift + EnterInsert array formula
Ctrl + `Display formulas

Useful Function Key Shortcuts

Not all keyboards will have a function key row, but if yours does include them, you will want to make use of these handy shortcuts.

These are especially useful if you’re developing solutions in VBA.

F4Repeats last action
F7Spell check
F12Open save as menu
Alt + F8Open macro menu
Alt + F11Open VBA editor
Ctrl + F3Open name manager menu

General Keyboard Shortcuts

These are must know general shortcuts for commonly used features.

Ctrl + ;Enter current date
Ctrl + Shift + :Enter current time
Ctrl + F1Expand or collapse the ribbon menu
Ctrl + FOpen find and replace menu
Shift + F11Insert new sheet
Ctrl + KInsert hyperlink
F9Recalculates all sheets
Ctrl + EFlash fill
Ctrl + NCreate a new blank workbook
Ctrl + WClose the current workbook
Ctrl + F2Print
Ctrl + OOpen recent file

Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + ArrowMove to end of current region
Ctrl + EndMove to lower right most used cell
Ctrl + HomeMove to upper left most cell
Ctrl + Page DownMove to the next sheet
Ctrl + Page UpMove to the previous sheet
Ctrl + TabSwitch between open workbooks

Pivot Table Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + N + VInsert a pivot table
Alt + Shift + Right Arrow KeyGroup selected items
Alt + Shift + Left Arrow KeyUngroup selected items
Ctrl + Shift + =Insert Calculated Field
Ctrl + -Hide the selected items

Row and Column Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + -Delete rows or columns
Ctrl + Shift + +Insert rows or columns
Ctrl + 9Hide rows
Ctrl + 0Hide columns
Ctrl + Shift + (Unhide rows
Ctrl + Shift + )Unhide columns
Alt + Shift + LeftUngroup rows or columns
Alt + Shift + RightGroup rows or columns

Selection Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + GOpen go to menu
Ctrl + SpaceSelect entire column
Shift + SpaceSelect entire row

Table Keyboard Shortcuts

Tables are the best tool for storing and managing tabular data in Excel. Once you start using them, you’ll wonder why you did use them before!

These are the top shortcuts for working with tables in Excel.

Alt + DownActivate filter or dropdown
Ctrl + TInsert a table
Ctrl + Alt + LRefresh active filter
Ctrl + Shift + LToggle filters on or off
Ctrl + Shift + TToggle total row on or off


Using Excel keyboard shortcuts is an indispensable way to speed up your work.

But it can be difficult to know which shortcuts are worth knowing. Memorizing all these shortcuts can also be a big task!

The Excel Keyboard Shortcut Mug will help you with these issues and get you to use the most useful Excel shortcuts while you enjoy your favorite drink.

Get your Excel mug today!

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John MacDougall

John is a Microsoft MVP and qualified actuary with over 15 years of experience. He has worked in a variety of industries, including insurance, ad tech, and most recently Power Platform consulting. He is a keen problem solver and has a passion for using technology to make businesses more efficient.


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