How To Enable The Excel Clipboard Shortcut

Do you know about Excel’s clipboard feature? If you copy and paste a lot in Excel (which everyone does), then it’s worth finding out about. Most people are familiar with Excel’s copy and paste feature and usually know about the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcuts. These shortcuts are great and will allow you to quickly copy something or paste the last item you copied. But what if you want to paste more than just your last copied item? The clipboard will allow you to do just this.

You can find Excel’s clipboard by going to the Home tab and clicking the small expand icon in the lower right hand corner of the Clipboard section. There is also a handy keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + press C twice fast) to open the clipboard but it’s disabled by default.



To open the clipboard and enable the clipboard shortcut.

  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. Press the small icon in the lower right hand corner of the clipboard section to open the clipboard.
  3. Press the Options button.
  4. Check off “Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl+C Pressed Twice”.

Now you will quickly and easily be able to access the clipboard by using Ctrl + press C twice fast.




The clipboard is great as you can copy multiple items outside of Excel, like from a Word document or a web page, and then paste them into Excel. Unfortunately, the pasting in Excel only does values and formatting so copying multiple formulas is not possible.



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John MacDougall

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