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50 Tips to Master Excel

40 plus keyboard shortcuts!
✅ Packed with hidden features you won’t find anywhere else!
✅ Top time saving tips that will reduce your work!
✅ Easy to follow illustrated tips!
✅ Something for every level from beginner to pro!

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10 Part Video Course

✅ A completely FREE course
Workbooks to follow along with
Downloadable videos to watch offline
Clear and concise examples
Bonus lesson: conditional formatting!

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The Mega Book of Excel Shortcuts

350+ shortcuts in total.
✅ Includes 100+ Visual Basic Editor shortcuts.
✅ Full of shortcuts that will save you time!
✅ Packed with hidden shortcuts you won’t find anywhere else!
Organised by category.

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Welcome To How To Excel!

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I’m John, and my goal is to help you master Excel!

You’ll find a ton of awesome tips & tricks, full tutorials, templates and other great stuff here to help you save time and effort in your everyday work.

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The best FREE tutorials on the web!

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Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks to super charge your Excel skills!

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Stylish templates to impress your boss and co-workers!

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Learn all about Excel’s many functions.

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Unlock Excel’s hidden power with Visual Basic for Applications.

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Learn to visualize your data.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

A comprehensive list of 250+ keyboard shortcuts!

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Other Resources

The top Excel sites from around the world wide web!

The Latest Posts

How To Count A Specific Character In A Cell (Case Sensitive)

This formula will count the number of occurrences of a given single character within a text string in a single cell. This formula is case sensitive and will consider upper and lower case letters to be different characters.

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How to Get the Last Day of the Month

This formula will return the last day of the month from the date selected.

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How to Get the Current Sheet Name

This formula will return the sheet name of the current sheet.

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How to Extract the First Name From an Email Address

This formula will return the first name with proper capitalization from an email address of the form firstname.lastname@company.com

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12+ Hidden Commands You Can Add to Your Quick Access Toolbar

Excel has a cool feature called the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) that allows you to add your own frequently used commands to an easily accessible...
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The Complete List Of VBA Keyboard Shortcuts

Visual Basic Editor This is the complete list of visual basic keyboard shortcuts. Some of these will be very familiar like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V...
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101+ Awesome Resources To Help You Learn Excel

My Top 10 Favourite Websites or Blogs Excel Campus Jon Acampora Jon started Excel Campus in 2009 and has since...
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The Complete List Of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Copy And Paste These shortcuts are mostly for copying and pasting objects in the worksheet such as cells, ranges, tables and pivot tables. We can...
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How To Build Your Pivot Tables

What questions do we want to answer about our data?   Let's create pivot tables to answer these questions about our sales data. What were the...
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How To Transform Data by Example

Microsoft Excel has just released a cool new add-in called Transform Data by Example to help make cleaning and transforming data easier. This...
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